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February 14, 2018

Grey Area

Whenever I'm asked about my particular industry, in the field of music and arts, the most common follow up question is if I experienced any rejection along the way. I respond with, "I'd much rather would have had rejection, than being told to conform." Why do you say this Kendra?? Sit around the fire that burns from my belly, and I'll tell you.

In all honesty, I haven't experienced much rejection at all, probably because they knew I was doing something right, those bastards, but I have experienced a lot of people trying to conform me to what society wants.

Rejection is a smooth and generous kill, kind of like an Anne Boleyn way of going out. It's black and white, and it allows you to move on. The pressure and mental toll that societal conformation has on someone is like a Game of Thrones poetic way to torture someone mentally. Now, pardon my sardonic visuals and analogies, but this needs to be explained with no sugar on top of it.

Being pressured into conforming to what our vortex wants is a mine-field filled with many shades of grey, and I use the term shade very emphatically. It creates and detonates a sense of doubt and constant second-guessing oneself. Always activating the monkey-brain to think that who you are is not good enough, and won't be received with open arms. The grey area is a cold delusional world to live in. It fills your head with lies and doesn't allow you from seeing the light within you.

When I was about 20/21-years of age, and developing and fine-tuning myself as an artist, I met with this guy who said he could make some introductions for me, and take me to the next level. This is where I saw behind the curtain, and saw what, not only the industry was all about, but the impact it was having on society as well. At first, he did not like the fact that my mother accompanied me to our meeting, since she is always the fucking hammer of reason. And, he wanted to meet in his pimped-out car, and not in a public space. Thus, already entering in the shades of grey.

When all the bullshit passed from his mouth, the one thing that I took away from this encounter was the fact that he wanted to conform me to something I wasn't, in order for him to promote me, and open these doors for me. Basically telling me that I need to be an over- sexualized image like a Pussycat Doll or Britney, in order to make "good music." When I told him that wasn't my style, he then said that I should put on some weight, and sing about how my boyfriends left me for prettier girls, hinting at Adele, which I thought was totally distasteful, since Adele actually has talent and writes her own material. Funny enough, his use of the two extremes was just disguised as being black and white. Therefore, dumbing down the system as to making us all feel inclined to pick one side... Sexy or not sexy. God forbid being yourself, because apparently that's not enough. You have to pick which side you want to be on, because choosing sides creates more grey area in your life. All in all, SEX SELLS. It SELLS YOU OUT.

All of this really opened my eyes, and continues to open my eyes. We're flashed images and surrounded by these delusional ways of living and being, that it creates a sense of doubt. Living in doubt will always be a foggy road. No end in sight, for it's a broken record.

I still battle with the grey area everyday, but I am more aware of it. I can feel its mental bacteria coursing through my veins and mind, and can control it more.

For those, who are struggling with this kind of awareness, like I did a few years ago, this is why I am here to shed some light on the sentiment, that you are good enough, and that this pressure to conform is like a contagion, that can easily be cured by not feeding into the vortex of the ever poetically tortuous grey area.

January 11, 2018

Yes Foods

January 11, 2018

Throughout my growth as an artist and as an individual, for that matter, I have become more in-tune with my body and how it processes and systematically functions. Being that I am in a position in that I use something of myself that requires some internal and external awareness, this has only helped me in realizing what is and what is not beneficial to how I perform, and how I take care of my mind, body, and soul.

Lately, due to this increased awareness of my own personal health and well-being, I have been getting a lot of positive feedback regarding either my skin, my hair, and just overall appearance. Now, keep in mind, I only enhanced my diet and my way of life to feel good personally, was never intended to fish for compliments, which is where a lot of the health concepts nowadays get confused.

When it comes to diets, I never fall into what is being displayed on a saturated basis, especially on social media, and what certain daytime health talk shows are spewing out impulsively, or what some reality tv person is promoting, for a sheep-like following. Just like anything else in life that involves finding a "cure", for you, one should always research and discover what it is that works for him or herself, personally. We are all told what to believe, what to listen to, and even what to eat, but each person is unique, and deserves to create something for their own particular systematic make-up. The whole "everyone likes it, therefore you will like it" mentality does not need to exist when it comes to your health.

I want to share with you what I have found has been working for my body, and for my own personal health awareness. Everything that I have done so far, has been a trial-and-error process, which I have found to be the most authentic to me.

Plus, the best part about it is that you do not necessarily have to put a label on it, such as the common "vegan" or "paleo" words we're flashed everyday online and in commercialization.

Keep in mind, I am not a licensed nutritionist (yet) lol! So, no need for cowardice hobbits to have a field day. These following and most frequently consumed foods are what has helped me live a balanced life on a daily to weekly basis.



image of apple

Remember that childhood saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away?" I have one everyday in the start of my day. Although some food blogs out there have said that apples cause bloating, I find, if eaten before anything else in the day, they can have a great energizing effect and also nourishing. Those who eat an apple before any meal of the day, are also known to consume fewer calories and overeat the rest of the day. Perhaps eating half of an apple can decrease chances of possible bloating. But, all in all, apples are great fighters to prevent cancer, heart disease, and hypertension.


image of avocado

Yes, avocado is a fruit. Having one everyday has helped me stay regulated. Usually after an apple, I'll have an avocado toast on eggless gluten-free bread, and the nourished feeling is just serendipitous. Avocados contain more potassium than bananas, and are incredible for your overall heart health, as well as anti-aging. Known as a "Super Food", it's no wonder this fruit teams up with apple to save my day.


image of pineapple

This ever-so tropical yellow porcupine is super tasty and surprisingly has done some good. After every spicy ginger shot, I always chase it with a couple, or few, depending on how I feel, slices of pineapple to one, wipe the spiciness away, and two, to help enhance the anti-inflammatory effects that ginger introduces. Vitamin C through the roof, it also supports metabolism, as well as strengthens bones with its anti-inflammatory properties. No wonder SpongeBob lived in one, so his sponge body wouldn't get inflamed.


image of papaya

Not a very common fruit when most think of it, but, that's what makes it so interesting. You mostly see this fruit on poolside platters on your island getaways, but there is a reason for this. It's uncanny weight-loss ability to keep that bikini bod in check, are out of this world. Moving out of the temporary shallow moment right there, but I fell in love with this fruit while in Punta Cana, because throughout all the day drinking, this always maintained my digestion in an impeccable way. Oh, and ladies, this fruit will be your best friend when that b*tch, Mother Nature, drops by every month. Trust me.


image of kiwi

Make way for the new ruler of Vitamin C. Kiwi is like Britney, and lemons and oranges are like Madonna, if that makes any sense. This fruit is also, believe it or not, a great cure for insomnia, and for anyone who also deals with a restless creative mind at night. According to a medical study in Taipei Medical University, "Numerous studies have revealed that kiwi fruit contains many medicinally useful compounds, among which antioxidants and serotonin may be beneficial in the treatment of sleep disorders." An awesome aid in digestion, this fruit has always made me feel refreshed.



image of pumpkin

Thanksgiving does not need to come in order for you to enjoy this sought after creation. Now, make sure you get the actual canned pumpkin, and not the pumpkin pie mix, because of the high sugar in it. But, I have found that pumpkin is so good for weight-loss, for each one cup serving is only about 49 calories. It also keeps you full longer, and is just magical for the skin, with its free-radical-neutralizing powers and carotenoids just setting you up to glow. So, go ahead! Cinderella won't mind if you eat her chariot to the ball lol.


image of carrots

One thing carrots have been best known for is their ability to give you amazing skin. The carotene replenishes the melatonin, and allows for coloration to restore. I've found they allow for digestion to move throughout my body nicely, and also prevent any digestive malfunctions, such as constipation. Without getting too technical about bodily functions, this veggie is another fantastic aid in assisting in oral health, and also protects your vision because its Vitamin A content is just so marvelous.


image of olives

These have to be one of my favorite snacks. Being that they're a part of a Mediterranean diet, and hold many health benefits because of that sentiment, they are incredible for your skin and also for fighting inflammation. I always order a side of olives while at the bar with my cocktail. Very low-fat, and consist of many antioxidant properties with Vitamin E being its primary vital source. Even throughout the day, I'll sneak into the fridge to claim these so-called, drupes (stone-fruits.)


image of cucumbers

I have to say cucumbers are quite the most refreshing out of all veggies. Another great snack to harness in the diet. Instead of going for the chips, just slice a cucumber up, and let its mostly water properties flush you out. Cucumbers are the better option for a diuretic than asparagus, I've found. By the way, slipping a few cucumber slices in your water will grant you so many slimming benefits.


image of seaweed

Now, that's a wild card, you're probably saying to yourself.Seaweed is technically known as a marine algae, but contains more superpowers at prolonging life, improving skin, and also slimming one down. My favorite and most frequent lunch nowadays is seaweed salad. Although most seaweed salads are green, nori, the black seaweed, best known for wrapping sushi rolls, packs more omega-3's than two whole avocados and also is the strongest avenger against inflammation. Did you know it also contains more iron and protein than most seafood out there? It's ok, I just found that out also a couple weeks ago too lol.


When it comes to protein, protein can be found in both fruits and vegetables. Like they said in the latest groundbreaking documentary, What The Health?, you've never heard of someone having a protein deficiency. However, in order to feel totally balanced with energy to burn, I incorporate the following in my personal diet.


image of nuts

Be it cashews, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and so on and so forth, throughout the day, you will mostly find me snacking on these. They are perfect as a handful especially before I workout. I don't eat too much of them, because due to trial and error, I have found that even though they do contain a lot of protein, they do have a sneaky backhand slap when it comes to putting on the pounds! But, isn't that the essence of nuts, is to just be in snack form? I believe so.


image of fish

This is only a once a week or once every two weeks thing for me as I set forth on a mostly plant-based diet. However, I choose the leanest of "meat" to give my body those enzymes. Although I could eat tofu and legumes, since that is more plant-based, I have found that any soy or bean based product results in discomfort and water retention for me, which is always annoying to deal with. So, henceforth, the Little Mermaid goes into the deep ocean!

Gluten-Free Grains/Carbs

I went gluten-free about two years ago, and I can tell you that I have never felt lighter on my feet, or experienced such fat-loss in my body. Eliminating the gluten from my diet has allowed me to have more energy, to feel less weighed-down, and overall, to feel cleaner through-and-through.


image of rice

The concept behind rice is, funny enough, the opposite of liquor. You, know the whole "the darker the liquor, the worst it is, the lighter the liquor the better it is" saying? Well, flip that around for rice's sake. (Lol, sake is made from rice.) Although white rice is still gluten-free, brown and black rice is much more nutritious for those who live a gluten-free diet. Both are low in fat and a healthier source of carbs. Black rice contains more antioxidants, and is lower in calories as well! My gluten-free bread is brown rice based, and also egg-free.



image of honey

If ever I want to sweeten something, I always turn to honey to do the natural trick. I eliminated processed sugar from my diet, and only dabble in it if I have the occasional macaroon or something. Really staying au naturale in your choices will always be the better option. Also, steer clear of artificial sweeteners, even stevia, due to sugar-alcohols causing water retention especially in us estrogen-filled females. A daily tablespoon of honey can boost your immune system as well!



image of water

Natures most ultimate and natural form of hydration is nothing to take for granted here. Drinking plenty of water can really up the condition of how your skin looks and feels. I am a big believer on drinking the proper kind of water, such as alkaline water is the best thing you can ever do for healthy digestion and overall hydration. My favorite water, as most of you have seen me promote for, is Essentia. With a 9.5 ph level, this water has, without sounding dramatic, changed my life. The purification process and also the electrolyte restoration process your body does when you drink it, only cleanses your system more.


image of ginger tea

While a lot of people out there depend on the usual cup of coffee in the morning, I allow my body to feel an even more natural boost of energy and digestive glory. Full disclosure, I am caffeine sensitive, so I cannot imbibe caffeine like most people can. Without getting too deep, my mental sensitivity does not react well to large fluctuations or changes in energy. However, ginger tea is such anappropriate boost for me in the morning, and also is a huge digestive track cleanser. It's anti-inflammatory properties also make me feel rejuvenated and also better circulated, as in getting the blood moving to start my day.


image of mint tea

I mostly drink mint tea during that time of month to relieve bloating and to also soothe any aches or pains related to this process. However, it is a miracle worker when putting a halt on any food cravings. The mint leaf aids in reducing your appetite, as well as cleansing your body of bad bacteria, so drinking mint tea can lead to better oral health, and also better sleep, for your body doesn't have to work so hard in digesting the unnecessary particles you've ingested throughout the day. I love mint tea, and I approve this message lol.


image of vodka cocktail

I'm a firm and intuitively aware believer in that not all alcoholic drinks are created equal. I'm not encouraging anyone to drink, so I'm not trying to corrupt you like any Disney star trying to "break away" is with your children, but if you already do, this could be of help. But, with vodka being the choice with fewer calories and less sugar, I'm encouraging you all to really consider choosing to drink Russian water more while out socially and at the end of a long work day. I personally stay away from wine, champagne, dark liquor, and other fruity and mixed cocktails. Why? Because sugar is evil, especially teamed up with fermented alcohol. Even if you eat super clean, don't you worry, white wine and sugary mixed drinks, especially, will stack you up. Vodka is only 40 percent alcohol, and 60 percent water based, and also is technically gluten-free. Oh, and also contains 0 grams of sugar! I usually take mine on the rocks, with a couple lemon wedges, so the alkaline in the lemons breaks down the alcohol and doesn't leave you feeling like a walking dead cast member in the morning. I also encourage you all to not mix vodka with any fruit juice, or tonic water, because that is where the sugar and hangover culprit lives. I am not only helping you in the sense to look and feel better, with consuming less calories and sugar, but to also eliminate those "wtf" moments in the morning, where you find a famous boxer's tiger in your bathroom and where you've found a baby in your closet, and lo and behold it belongs to the stripper your best friend drunkenly married at some dive-bar of a wedding chapel. Sound familiar? Yeah, continue with the sugared alcohol, and your life will feel like a trilogy of hangovers. Lol! Next stop, Bangkok!

I hope this coming year, we can all treat ourselves with the upmost respect when it comes to our health and bodies. By broadening the scope of the endless possibilities the earth can nourish us, we can surely find solace in knowing that there is a road to personal growth and health in store for everyone.

September 5th, 2016


blog image
blog image

Hello everyone! Please check out my second fashion blog posts and it is in honor of our Labor Day weekend.

Many people start off with the commonly discussed topic, no-white-after-Labor-Day "rule." But my blog is not about that at all. My Blog is about passion and my love for the beautiful women of the Bond world whom I can relate to and hopefully to who.you can relate to as well.

blog image

My love for summer and it coming to an end makes me think about all the empowered, tough and gorgeous women through the decades who started new fashions and launched new trends as a result.

blog image

Yes "Bond girl" style time! My honorable mention not only brings us style worn so beautifully in "Die Another Day" by Halle Berry but with respect, attitude and strength.

And rule of thumb, accessories can always make a outfit, bikini, beachwear, whatever may be so much brighter!

As a woman that lives in Florida, I love the beach and I respect the style shown in all the Bond films. I believe in being comfortable, feeling beautiful and helping to reveal the person you are by the way you dress.

I can only speak from my heart. I love fashion and I love the style of Bond girls throughout the years! I hope my favorite picks bring you all innovation and inspiration!!!


  • 4) My list starts with the only fitting Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder and her beachwear which is still regarded as one of the most memorable bikinis of all time.

    When she first appears in Dr. No, emerging from the ocean in a white bikini with two large sea shells she steals the movie instantly and makes you pay attention for the right reasons.

    blog image
  • 3) Continuing on I have Claudine Auger as Domino Derval from Thunderball. Helping Bond prevent a nuclear holocaust! Domino looks stunning in her black and white cross over swimsuit.

    blog image
  • 2) Next we have Maud Adams as the eponymous character Octopussy! Appearing in her sophomore Bond film as a different character and showcasing different looks, intelligence and superb acting skills.. she has not been forgotten.

    blog image
  • 1) My ultimate favorite is Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson in a scene stealing bikini in Goldfinger. And then her never forgettable gold body paint.

    blog image blog image

Labor day is a day to celebrate the workforce, hard workers and all the men and women who support families; helping to make the world a better place. It's a day of appreciation and respect.

Being a Bond girl means being strong, not staying silent, speaking your mind, showing your passion, defining your style and being powerful by using your mind while looking fabulous!

So this Labor Day Weekend, get out enjoy your friends, find the beauty in the world, wear something that makes you feel special and end the summer in style and good company.

With Love to all of you, Happy Labor Day!!!


Innagural Blog Entry

August 25, 2016


blog image

My passion to make music is something that defines my personality but my style is something that defines me as a woman. My Bond Girl persona represents my attitude towards change and inspiring others to be the most they can be with security, beauty and intelligence.

Since I was a small girl, I"ve always been obsessed with shoes! Shoes are the start and finish to every outfit. Your shoe can be a tell all into your personality and reveal who you are and what your message is to the world.

I’m a modern woman that believes that individual style and art are shown though the clothes you wear and how you feel in them! When I slip on one of my favorite pair of shoes; I am confident that I can accomplish what I need to for the day.

My favorite shoe designers help me find inspiration in all types of styles, it's hard not to amass a collection that puts a smile on my face and inspiration into my heart. Some of my favorites are: Stuart Weitzman, Vince Camuto, Steve Madden, Aldo and the great Louboutin

The higher end which you perhaps treat yourself to once in a while to the more affordable shoes that you can count on for all occasions ... let’s break it down:

blog image

The Sophisticated designer platforms, wedges, and pumps from the brilliant mind of Stuart Weitzman. I feel his shoes aren’t always easily wearable but definitely works of art. His various styles of wedges, booties, and pumps provide perfected style during many events. His usage of fabrics are always a favorite and mine.

The shoes that can add a finishing touch to any outfit are Vince Camuto. If I’m planning on a night out to a performance or opening his shoes hit the target. Camuto’s diverse collection of strappy sandals that can go wonderfully with many different looks and present an outfit with an overall perfect style.

blog image

Steve Madden shoes have my favorite. I"ve been wearing them since I was a teenager. They’re perfect for the contemporary woman/ fashionista who's living a busy, fulfilling life.

Aldo shoes always offer a variety designed for the current trend. Many of my most favorite styles from their clearance section to the new arrivals won’t break the bank and stand up to wear. There are always new designers and inspiring styles on the rise so my eyes are always open. I will share them with you in my next blog that will feature new and inspiring designers to check out!


Miami Image