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    Three Times A Charm

    Pop Kendra Erika and Grammy Award winning producer Damon Sharpe prepare to enter the Billboard Top 20 for a third consecutive time with latest club track, "Sublime" their psychedelically poetic club track about taboo love.

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    Kendra Erika Talks With TMI About Her Top Ten Hit "Under My Skin" & Her Latest Single "Sublime"

    What inspired you to pursue music?

    I mean, just like any person, when they’re little, I would see singers and entertainers like Britney, Madonna, and many others, and I had that innocent sense of idolizing them, and was intrigued to do something like that. However, throughout my own process of performing and singing, I realized that I wasn’t making my own staple, or my own mark on the musical sphere. ...

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    Top-Ten Billboard Dance Artist Kendra Erika Releases "Sublime"

    Pop singer Kendra Erika and Grammy Award winning producer Damon Sharpe unite once again on “Sublime,” a psychedelically poetic club track about taboo love. The song has a sensuous vibe-y lounge groove, built around a continuous tempo and looming ghost voice that harkens back to early 80’s house music.

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    Q&A: Kendra Erika Talks Billboard Success

    Kendra Erika is a South Florida native singer-songwriter. Trained in classical and jazz, she developed her Deep House party sound from hanging out in Miami clubs.

    "I was drawn to how the music played with people's emotions on the dance floor," she recalls. "All the drops and build-ups produced this wave effect that became almost like a ride."

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    Boca Girl Kendra Erika To Rock Ft. Lauderdale

    "I might be from Boca, but my music is really inspired by Miami," says Kendra Erika. Her latest dance single, "Under My Skin," co-written with Grammy Award winning producer Damon Sharpe, is currently No. 12 on the Billboard Club chart. She’ll perform it live August 19 at The Manor in Fort Lauderdale.

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    Kendra Erika Ranks #6 on Billboard Dance Chart for 'Under My Skin'

    "After releasing "Under My Skin" in Spring 2017, Kendra Erika Visionary deep house/pop singer-songwriter has reached #6 on the Billboard Dance Club chart with the alluring blend of smooth vocals, poignant lyrics and fresh, playful but precise production, making up a diverse yet consistent and edgy sound. " ...

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    Classics ballads and EDM:

    Interview with musical artist Kendra Erika

    Via an exclusive #Interview, Kendra Erika discussed her work on her new track, “Under My Skin” and other aspects of her career as a musical artist.

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    SpotlightInterview | Deep House/Dance-Pop Recording Artist Kendra Erika

    "Explosively updating the Bond girl framework in 21st Century terms and embracing glamor and sexuality as an empowering tool, visionary deep house/dance-pop singer-songwriter Kendra Erika most recently hit the Top 10 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart, claiming the #9 spot with breakthrough hit single "Oasis." " ...

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  • Fenuxe Magazine Article

    "Dance Diva Takes On Ol' Blue Eyes"


    " "UNDER MY SKIN" draws inspiration from Ol' Blue Eyes' "I've Got You Under My Skin". Kendra Erika wrote the track with Damon Sharpe, a Grammy Award winning producer who has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Ariane Grande, Kylie Minogue, among others. ..." "

    " "It was Damon's idea to reinterpret one of Sinatra's standards for the dance floor," says Kendra Erika from her South Florida home." ..."

    " "It got me thinking how the youth of today are not much different from those of 75 years ago, when the Col Porter original was written," she continues. "We still feel invincible when it comes to love and life and if you think about it, why shouldn't we?" ..."

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    The Skinny on Kendra Erika

    "Your week couldn't have been as bad as Kathy Griffin's, but if it was anywhere close and you need something new to decompress to this weekend, check out the latest jam from pop princess Kendra Erika. It was the song that took over gay dance floors this past Memorial Day Weekend, and the music video is out now." ...

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  • Broadwayworld.com Article

    "'PHANTOM OF THE OPERA,' Dance Remix by Kendra Erika"

    "Billboard club and dance ranked recording artist Kendra Erika also boasts classical roots, so what better way to showcase her musical versatility than by recording a dance inspired remix of the title song from Andrew Lloyd Webber's iconic musical, The Phantom of the Opera!" ..

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  • Broadway World Article

    Kendra Erika Releases New Single 'Under My Skin'

    Visionary deep house/pop singer-songwriter Kendra Erika whose single "Oasis" Topped the Billboard Dance Club chart, claiming the #9 spot, today, released "Under My Skin."

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    "Could Boca Raton singer be the next Ariana Grande?"

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    Kendra Erika's "Oasis" Races Up the Billboard Charts

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    "Deep House/Pop Recording Artist KENDRA ERIKA Discusses Her Biggest Inspirations, Latest Single, 'Oasis' and More!"

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    "Who is this Boca Raton woman with a hit song on the music charts?"

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    "Boca Pop Singer Releases 'Oasis' Single"

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  • MusicExistence.Com Review of "Oasis"

    "Oasis," which was released in mid December, is Kendra Erika’s latest single, a vivacious tune that is a dance club’s dream.

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    Kendra Erika New Single "Oasis" and Interview

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    Boca Raton singer Kendra Erika croons at Vino, for charity in Mizner Park

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    Popwrapped.com feature declares Kendra Erika's new video "The Truth Never Lies" a hit!!

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    The Truth Never Lies

    Download the single "The Truth Never Lies" from iTunes

    The Truth Never Lies

    Download the single "The Truth Never Lies" from iTunes
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    Kendra Erika - "The Truth Never Lies" (video) (premiere)

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  • Popdust: Kendra Erika Draws James Bond, Tropical House Influences Into New Music

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  • Vents Magazine Interviews Kendra Erika

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  • Kendra Erika - Miami Love

    South Florida Native, Kendra Erika Releases Debut Video "Miami Love"

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  • Kendra Erika – Miami Love

    Kendra Erika Chats Touring, "Miami Love" & Lana Del Ray

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  • Kendra Erika – Miami Love

    StarryMag.com interviews Kendra on "Miami Love" 4/12/2016

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  • "Miami Love" - New Video Release

    Popdust.com premiers "Miami Love" music video 3/25/2016

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      Kendra Erika is a featured artist in the January 2016 issue of Vintage Life Magazine, the #1 vintage lifestyle and fashion publication in the UK. The issue is available starting 1.11.2016 at vintagelifemagazine.com. Thank you to Vintage Life! Pick up your copy next week!


    Kendra Erika was honored to sing the National Anthem Live on ESPN on December 22, 2015, for the Marmot Boca Raton Bowl.

    #Hustle On


    Miami-Based artist Kendra Erika released her brand new single Hustler on September 22nd. Evoking the playful extravagance of the 70s and 80s, Hustler is sexy and sophisticated reminder of a time when social and sexual liberation was on the rise in America.

    "Sex is power. It’s confidence. It’s empowerment. That’s what it means to be a Hustler. It’s about owning who you are and your sexuality. If they’re not my rules, I’m not going to follow them."

    Producer Jimmy Greco (J.Lo, Santana, Beyonce) and cellist Dave Eggar (Coldplay, Evanescence) created a sleek and sophisticated landscape for Kendra’s silky smooth voice, including cinematic elements that reference films of the 70s and artists like Lana del Rey and Hooverphonic. The single combines high stakes drama with an unforgettable and flirtatious attitude. Kendra equates hustlers as victims of heartbreak. "Every time I wasn’t looking out for myself, I was hurt. I want a man that can handle me."


    Kendra Erika opened for Australian Pop star Cody Simpson at the renowned Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


    Boca Mag Article by Stefanie Cainto

    Before she climbs into bed each night, Kendra Erika puts pen to paper. It’s the one time when her world slows down enough for her to concentrate on song lyrics. It’s hardly the only time Kendra Erika devotes to her burgeoning music career. Between working with songwriters and producers, practicing for upcoming performances, conducting business and actually taking the stage, much of her life these days revolves around chasing her dream of being a pop music star.

    For more, pick up the November 2014 issue of the Boca Raton magazine.

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