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"The voice singing the song is great. It sounds like an angel singing. The lyrics are great. I hope there is more music like THIS that comes out. This is probably one of the best songs I've ever heard. This makes a good background song for a movie about a woman coming up in the world hustling . This is great! Im giving this a 10 because it's that good. I've never heard a voice like this before. I want to hear this song or many made by this artist on the radio one day. I will admit its great. Honestly I don't think anything will come close to it!!!!" (Hustler, 2015)

"Nice opening, it feels like a James Bond movie. It's very classy, including horn and violin instruments. The female vocal also sounds classy, her voice is filled with emotion and reminds me of Alicia Keys. She seems like a femme fatale, and her message in the song seems to be to assert her independence and to be treated with respect." (Hustler, 2015)

"Love the strings in the beginning. The vocalist sounds sexy, I can tell there has been heart put into the lyrics by the way she sings. I love all the sweeping background vocals. I really like this song. It was easy listening to her vocals and the music and vocals were balanced together perfectly." (Hustler, 2015)

"This song make your heart melt because of the words she uses in her songs. I really love this song the beat is very soothing, soft and nice and the women's voice is very soft and goes great with the beat. This song is a very beautiful song." (Hustler, 2015)

"I opened for Cody Simpson a few years ago at Revolution Live and it was an amazing experience," Erika said. "He's Australian and such a cool, down-to-earth guy. He really knows how to perform. I also think he was great on 'Dancing With The Stars' and of course supported him while he was on the show." (Boca's Most Fascinating, Sun Sentinel, 2014)

"This is a very emotional song. Your voice is gorgeous, it actually gave me goosebumps, which only happens when I hear well mad songs. Your lyrics are deep and catchy in every way. As I stated, your lyrics and vocal track in this is absolutely beautiful. Amazing job." (Hustler 2015)

"I rate this song fantastic. The lyrics are clear and amazing. The pace is slow which is good! Her feeling is shown in this song. Mad, sad and forgetting. The chorus is awesome. She really put some time into this song and it came out awesome." (Hustler 2015)

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