Kendra Erika Maxim Covergirl ?

Maxim Magazine has an annual competition, the Maxim Covergirl, giving hopeful models across the world the wonderful chance to flaunt their skills and be the next face of the magazine.   This Maxim Covergirl Competition not only showcases the beautiful women full of individuality and ambition, but it has a “give back” aspect to it too.  The Maxim Covergirl competition raises awareness for veterans in need by supporting Jarred Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors.

Kendra Erika Temptation

What is Kendra’s secret talent they asked?

When I am not performing, writing, and recording in the studio, or doing anything music-related, you can find me on the golf course. I was raised by a scratch golfer father, who introduced the ever-tenacious game to me at an early age. I’m a 6 handicap golfer and am a brand ambassador for Jofit Golf Apparel and a spokeswoman for International Women’s Golf Day.

What would Kendra do with the $25,000?

If the Kendra Erika Maxim Covergirl experience is a successful one, here is what Kendra had to say about the $25,000 purse that is on the line.
“In tandem with furthering my music career, I would donate a portion of the funds to charities I am passionate about. In particular, my passion projects are the fight against human trafficking and pedophilia along with female and youth education. I wrote a song called “Song of Hope”, which was picked up by the international human rights charity, War Child; portions of the music video proceeds went to support the charity.” – Kendra Erika

Kendra Erika Temptation

Kendra Erika Latest Release

Listen to Kendra’s latest release, RAPTURE now!  Don’t miss out.

Kendra Erika Rapture

“For an artist who has become known for her lush signature sound, it is perhaps even more striking when she scales things back and lets the song’s ‘bones’ show.”

American Songwriter