Kendra Erika declares she is ready to hear the painful truth in  “Lay It On Me,” her new single that combines elements of EDM, pop, and dubstep.  “Truth may hurt,” the multiple Top 10 Billboard recording artist acknowledges, “but only for a little while.  In time, the pain will subside and the relief that comes from living in authenticity will feel a thousand times greater than living in denial ever could.”

Produced by Manny Mijares (Kelly Rowland, Dua Lipa, Pitbull) and Ron Reeser,“Lay It On Me,” is a marked detour from Erika’s previous club music singles, “Oasis,” “Sublime” and “Under My Skin.”  However, she makes it clear that says she’s not stepping away from the dance floor.  “On this one, I wanted to make sure the production and sound matched the awakened message. I didn’t want to simply throw words on top of a beat.  There will be remixes,” she promises.

“Lay It On Me” is being released through Global Records (a partner of Warner Music) and is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and all other major retailers, as well as through streaming on Pandora and Spotify. It’s music video is on Youtube.

“I may be young but I have gone through some heavy relationship drama,” Kendra Erika continues. “Hypocrisy has plagued my sensitive eyes, but from it, I’ve learned to focus on myself and my own development and not be so affected by the world around me. ‘Lay It On Me’ reflects on the journey I’ve taken to get to the place I am now. I may not be completely satisfied with where I am but I’m sure as hell better than I was before. Most importantly, I’m still standing.


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