Singer/ songwriter, Kendra Erika grew up captivated with Bond Girls, the movies and pop music. South Florida born Kendra was obsessed with the classic American lifestyle and glamour of the 70's and 80's. She was fascinated with the Golden Age of film and always dreamed of being a Bond girl.

Her new video, "Miami Love" is out now and strikes the perfect blend of cinematic glamour that mingles beautifully amongst lusty vintage pop chords.  The video combines elements of classic movie soundtracks from the 60's, 70's and 80's, lush strings and bold horns, with modern beats and lyrics. Kendra brings together elegant dramatic cinematic synth within Hip-hop rhythms; catapulting you back in time while propelling you into the future.

Kendra's latest video, "The Truth Never Lies" explores cinema noir and injects a fresh twist on modern feminism. Kendra says, "The Truth Never Lies" is a deep house track that conveys a nostalgic message and evokes feelings of romanticism and lust... which is of course all part of the excitement of love!"

Kendra Erika's moody-pop and orchestral instruments combined with her jazz and classical roots make her a Pop Princess whose talents are unfolding fast. says, "Kendra Erika updates the Bond-girl framework to 21st century terms, an embrace of glamour and sexuality as an empowering tool."

Classic hit films, Casino and American Hustle were real life inspirations for Kendra's breathy bold videos that draw the viewer in by creating cinematic landscapes that help advance the music toward pop-centric pageantry.."

Twenty-first century views on sex and the traditions of dating have changed dramatically. The roles that we may have thought exploited women in the James Bond movies can now be looked at with new eyes. The Bond women were in control and got what they wanted. Kendra's personified perception is proof that the alluring roles women portray in the movies can now escape off screen and be played at home and in everyday life.